By Jeff Lagasse December 4, 2018
Blockchain technology is becoming more widespread, and early adopters will be in the best position to take advantage of its potential.
By Dave Muoio November 26, 2018
As the healthcare industry’s relationship with data becomes increasingly sophisticated, executives, supervisors and other key decision makers have more tools than ever to measure and guide the performance of their organization. Collecting and surfacing new streams of raw data can only help to a certain extent, however, as even the most insightful individuals will struggle to identify actionable...
Employees looking at analytics dashboard.
By Laura Lovett October 23, 2018
What with so many apps, connected medical devices and messaging systems the world of healthcare is going more mobile — no longer is every system under the umbrella of a hospital IT specialist. But that pivot toward digital health brings up questions for innovators and IT specialists about how to track and monitor security when building and implementing new products. That’s where a security...

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