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PocDoc, BioSure, COVID-19

Credit: PocDoc/ BioSure

By  Sara Mageit 05:53 am October 22, 2020
Digital testing platform, PocDoc has launched a testing solution to employers wanting to get people back to work safely. The test is carried out via a finger prick with results being returned in 10 minutes. The results display if someone has an active COVID-19 infection based on the presence of early-onset antibodies and should immediately self-isolate. It will reveal if there is a presence of...

Credit: Zesty

By  Tammy Lovell 04:16 am July 3, 2020
UK health tech firm Zesty has launched an online booking solution for acute and community NHS trusts to enable all staff to book COVID-19 antibody tests on their smartphone, laptop or computer in less than 60 seconds. Supported by online training tutorials, how to guides and videos, a JIRA support helpdesk and team training sessions, the solution is currently enabling thousands of NHS staff...

Credit: Imperial Collage 

By  Sophie Porter 06:03 am May 22, 2020
COVID-19 ANTIBODY TEST French company IDvet, which specialises in the development and production of tests that detect infectious diseases in farm animals, has announced the launch of a COVID-19 antibody test for humans. The test will determine whether an individual has developed antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which will enable scientists to better understand infection rates and inform future policy...

Credit: Babylon

By  Tammy Lovell 09:39 am May 15, 2020
British digital health company Babylon is offering COVID-19 antibody tests to anyone in the UK for its at cost price. The FDA-approved tests, which do not have to be administered by a healthcare professional, can be taken at home and sent for analysis in a third-party lab, to determine whether or not a person has been previously infected by the virus. Users can choose to opt-in to share...