By Laura Lovett 12:19 pm July 30, 2019
Looking to solve the problem of health record interoperability, this afternoon CMS unveiled a new pilot program dubbed “Data at the Point of Care” (DPC), which will employ an API to help give providers access to their patient’s medical data. The pilot is part of a larger CMS initiative called MyHealthEData, which is focused on giving patients more access to their medical data.  “That burden on...
By Dave Muoio 03:44 pm July 8, 2019
Enterprise telehealth company SnapMD has released an updated version of its Virtual Care mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices that, among other things, offers clients new tools to better embed the service within their own digital ecosystem. Launched today, the white-label app comes with an SDK and APIs that allow provider clients to either customize their own branded telehealth mobile...
By Matthew Holt 03:03 pm December 18, 2018
About the Authors: Matthew Holt is Co-Chair of Health 2.0 conferences (now owned by HIMSS), publisher of The Health Care Blog, where this piece originally appeared last month. He also serves as co-chair of Catalyst @ Health 2.0 and president of SMACK.health. Olivia Dunn, an associate at Healthy Communities Institute, and Kim Krueger, a Venture Associate at Plug and Play, also contributed to this...

Image courtesy of Fitbit

By Dave Muoio 12:10 pm December 17, 2018
With roughly a week to go before thousands of devices are unwrapped under the tree, Fitbit has pushed out a bevy of updates to its smartwatches that make it easier for wearers to quickly grasp their individual health performance. Specifically, Fitbit OS 3.0 expands the Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition and Fitbit Versa’s dashboards to include new data on a wearer’s sleep, exercise and...
Iomed Medical Solution CEO Javier de Oca talks to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 03:40 pm September 26, 2018
*/ Focus on Innovation In September, we take a deep dive into the cutting-edge development and disruption of healthcare innovation.
Epic EHR and Apple Health Records API
By Mike Miliard 10:32 am July 3, 2018
Cleveland Clinic announced Monday that its patients can now access their personal health data on their iPhones with the Health Records feature. That, together with Cleveland Clinic's version of the Epic MyChart app, offers patients more comprehensive mobile access to their own health data and a way to manage appointments, message their physicians and more, officials said. "Access to one's own...
By Jonah Comstock 02:39 pm June 6, 2018
Yesterday’s announcement that Apple would open the API for Health Records in iOS 12 will likely spawn a whole host of integrations with digital health companies in the coming months. But one company has the distinction of being named in the announcement, and of having its Health Records integration already complete: Medisafe. The Boston-based company has been making medication management and...
By Jonah Comstock 11:23 am June 5, 2018
Apple has followed up on its launch of Apple Health Records at 39 health systems with the announcement today of a Health Records API, which will allow developers to create apps that can, with permission, use data from patients’ electronic health records to help people manage care, medications, nutrition, and more. “Medical information may be the most important personal information to a consumer,...
By HIMSS TV 04:30 pm May 10, 2018
Andrew Crabtree, Google Cloud Customer Engineer, gives a detailed presentation on the API threat landscape, security practices, and fresh tips on how to secure your API application to keep vulnerable health data secure.
By HIMSS TV 04:25 pm May 10, 2018
Drew Myklegard, who leads the Veterans Affairs project, discusses with HIMSS Innovator in Residence Adam Culbertson the role outside developers are playing in finding solutions to improve the agency's care for veterans.