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By Dean Koh 10:39 pm November 14, 2019
A personalized, interactive brain-training game will soon be helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) improve their attention span. The advantage of this technology is that that children with ADHD can participate in this program from home. A pilot run for the home-based program will be launched for 20 children, aged 6-12 years, who are currently receiving treatment...

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By Dave Muoio 03:14 pm February 26, 2019
FDA draft guidance on BCI devices. The FDA signaled its interest in the development of implanted brain-computer interface (BCI) devices on Friday with the release of a new draft guidance focused on the emerging technology. The new document suggests that non-clinical testing of the devices could precede clinical testing as a means to identify and prevent potential risks prior to use by patients. “...