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By Dave Muoio February 21, 2019
Patients are still turning to Dr. Google to answer their health questions in the days before their condition takes a turn for the worse, according a study recently published in BMJ Open. However, that same online behavior could be an opportunity to anticipate and improve care, with the study’s authors noting that a substantial number of ED patients with a Google account are open to their search...
By Laura Lovett February 18, 2019
We are living in a time when there is increasingly more data being collected, opening up more opportunities for researchers. As the industry begins to see patients become consumers, the conversation around this data has begun to include questions of ownership and compensation.  “What we really want to do is empower patients to take back full control of their data,” Nicolas Schmidt, chief product...
By Jonah Comstock January 18, 2019
Last week, MobiHealthNews attended JP Morgan Week for the first time. While we took a pass on the eponymous conference, we talked digital health at the bevy of conferences, meetings, and cocktail parties that have sprung up around the investment bank’s annual life sciences event. The distributed nature of JP Morgan makes it hard to pull out one overarching themes, but a few trends and topics of...
John Halamka and Paul Cerrato.
By HIMSS TV November 1, 2018
*/ Focus on Artificial Intelligence In November, we take a deep dive into AI and machine learning.
By Dave Muoio October 22, 2018
The advent of big data and various connected health devices promise countless advantages to the healthcare industry. As facilitators of the personalized health movement, each represents an opportunity to extend care beyond the doctor’s office and into the realms of genomic insights and social or behavioral influences on health, Dr. Lynda Chin, executive director of real-world education, detection...
Iomed Medical Solution CEO Javier de Oca talks to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV September 26, 2018
*/ Focus on Innovation In September, we take a deep dive into the cutting-edge development and disruption of healthcare innovation.
By Dave Muoio September 24, 2018
What happened Silicon Valley-area big data analytics company Palantir Technologies, founded by Peter Thiel, has signed a $7 million contract with the National Institutes of Health to supply its software platform to the organization. Specifically, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCAT) and its related groups will be using the tech to automatically aggregate research data...
(L to R) Dr. Anthony Chang, David King, Matt Menning, Dr. Steven Lane, and Dr. Eric Louie

(L to R) Dr. Anthony Chang, David King, Matt Menning, Dr. Steven Lane, and Dr. Eric Louie speak on a panel at Health 2.0.

By Jonah Comstock September 21, 2018
Big data, machine learning, and interoperability are all topics we’ve been hearing about for many years in health tech. But in fact these banner ideas are deeply intertwined with one another. Machine learning requires a certain amount and type of big data — and interoperability plays a large role in whether or not researchers can gain access to the data they need to train models effectively. At a...