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By  Tammy Lovell 12:59 pm March 23, 2021
UK biotech firm Genomics plc is working with the NHS on a pilot study using genetic information to predict patients’ risk of heart disease.  Around 1,000 people in north-east England who attend routine GP health checks, will take part in the trial. An integrated risk tool (IRT), created by Oxford University spin-off Genomics plc, will be used to estimate each patient's risk of developing...
By  Jonah Comstock 09:39 am April 15, 2015
Boston-based patient network PatientsLikeMe announced two pieces of pharma news this week: a five-year research collaboration deal with AstraZeneca and the results of a multiple sclerosis wearable study conducted in collaboration with Biogen. The PatientsLikeMe-AstraZeneca deal is similar to one the company struck with Genentech last Spring. AstraZeneca will have full access to PatientsLikeMe's...