By Dave Muoio December 6, 2018
It’s hard to have a conversation about technology innovations in 2018 without stumbling into the realm of blockchain. Since it first appeared on most people’s radars — thanks to the ever-turbulent bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — financial organizations, major retailers and even governments have investigated whether or not the trendy technology has something to offer. As such, it’s little...
Blockchain illustration.
By Tom Sullivan December 3, 2018
HIMSS Analytics found health facilities more prepared for the distributed ledger tech than many might think, but that doesn’t mean they’re making forward progress just yet.
Abel Kho, co-founder of Health Data Link
By HIMSS TV November 30, 2018
Focus on Blockchain In December, we take a deep dive into the disruption blockchain promises and offer a reality check with a look at what's really happening.
By Laura Lovett October 16, 2018
Hospitals in Hawaii are now turning their attention to using blockchain technology to help aggregate data from EHRs across the state. Austin-based Timicoin, a blockchain-as-a-service company, has teamed up with First Vitals Health and Wellness to employ the technology in aggregating data from EHRs across the state of Hawaii, according to a statement.  The plan, currently just in a development...
By Laura Lovett August 2, 2018
While the term blockchain has populated numerous news feeds and executive board room conversations recently, just how the technology works and what it can do for healthcare has remained somewhat of a mystery for the layperson. At the Digital Healthcare Innovations Congress in Boston yesterday Roger Smith, chief technology officer at Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, broke down how the technology...
Health Wizz pilot app uses a blockchain- and FHIR-enabled EHR aggregator
By Bill Siwicki July 19, 2018
Health Wizz has updated and is piloting its unusual blockchain- and FHIR-enabled EHR aggregator mobile app, which uses blockchain to tokenize data, enabling patients to securely aggregate, organize, share, donate and/or trade their medical records. The idea is to enable individuals to control their health data as easily as they do their online bank accounts to allow better communication between...
By Laura Lovett July 17, 2018
Blockchain is in vogue this year in the healthcare space as innovators find new uses for the technology, which makes information easy to verify and difficult to falsify.  Emerging out of stealth mode today is New York-based startup Embleema, which is launching its block chain personal health record platform designed to help link patients to life science researchers. “We focus on real data from...
Walmart patent for blockchain, wearable, biometric scanner-based EHR system
By Dave Muoio June 19, 2018
Walmart’s ongoing investigation of blockchain technologies seems to have intersected with its growing interest in joining the healthcare space, according to a patent application released earlier this week by the US Patent and Trademark Office. According to the document, which was filed in December, the retail giant is seeking to protect a method that allows a patient’s EHR to be obtained from a...