BMJ Open

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By  Sara Mageit 01:52 am December 16, 2020
A new peer-reviewed study testing the coverage, accuracy and safety of eight online symptom assessment apps has found that the performance of apps varies widely, with only a handful performing close to the levels of human general practitioners (GPs). Published today in BMJ Open, the study is the first of its kind to be published since 2015 and was conducted by a team of doctors and scientists led...
Virtual reality headset
By  Laura Lovett 12:06 pm December 15, 2020
Virtual reality could be key to COVID-19 rehabilitation, according to a new paper published in BMJ Open Sport Exercise Medicine. Specifically, the authors of the publication pitch tailor-made rehabilitation services that can be administered remotely via a VR experience. The authors explain that many COVID-19 patients who were critically ill continue to have Post-Intensive Care Syndrome, even...