Connected Health

By Dave Muoio October 12, 2018
The challenges of new technology adoption loom across every industry, and healthcare is by no means an exception. Between its risk-adverse culture, worn out workforce, and heavy value placed on establishing human connections, it’s little surprise that many technologies which could potentially isolate patients or introduce unnecessary tasks would be met with some resistance. “One of the hardest...
Kamal Jethwani and Lisa Gualtieri

Kamal Jethwani and Lisa Gualtieri are among the speakers at the Connected Health Conference in Boston beginning Oct. 17.

By Jonah Comstock October 9, 2018
Both in the consumer and clinical worlds, it’s important not only to design for the user and involve them in the process, but also to realize the full scope of your user base, and make sure no one gets left behind. Considering the user is a vital step in teasing out the human element of connected health, and a number of speakers at this month’s Connected Health Conference will be tackling that...
By Jonah Comstock September 19, 2018
In a surprising turn, Withings founder Eric Careel bought his company back from Nokia, two years after selling it for $200 million. The circumstances were fortuitous: Nokia was looking to offload the digital health business, which it had apparently come to see as a failed experiment. Less than four months after the deal, the company has launched its first device in this newest iteration of the...

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