Connected Health

By  Jonah Comstock 08:40 am April 9, 2020
  Even before the current crisis, connected technology and the Internet of Health Things were growing in prominence and adoption. Now, spurred on by people’s efforts to stay at home as much as possible, this technology is even more important. But as health information and health data move into the homes and into consumers’ personal devices, concerns about privacy and security are giving pause...
By  Leontina Postelnicu 04:55 am February 6, 2019
When research published in EPJ Data Science journal found that machine learning could help detect signs of depression by examining Instagram posts of study participants, it made international news. Questions surrounding health, privacy and ethics started popping up around the world. In Europe, futurist, author, researcher and founding CEO of Healthskouts Koen Kas has continuously tackled these...
By  HIMSS TV 05:26 pm January 18, 2019
By  HIMSS TV 06:25 pm January 17, 2019