Digital tools
By  Sara Mageit 05:54 am January 20, 2021
A research report commissioned by digital transformation enabler, Mobiquity, and conducted by Censuswide, reveals that half of UK patients aged over 55 preferred digital tools instead of in-person consultations during COVID-19. The report entitled, 'COVID-19: Ensuring a quality patient experience with the rise of digitisation in a healthcare setting' surveyed 301 GPs and 3,009 patients in the UK...
Guardtime, vaccination

Credit: Avin Aaviksoo, chief medical officer at Guardtime

By  Sara Mageit 04:34 am January 20, 2021
Europe's deep tech company, Guardtime has announced that Estonia, Hungary and Iceland are the first countries to sign up to VaccineGuard, its newly developed COVID-19 vaccination platform. VaccineGuard will facilitate vaccination certificate interoperability and pharmacovigilance and claims to employ privacy and security features to protect patients and sensitive information.  AstraZeneca Estonia...

Credit: Vatic 

By  Sara Mageit 11:12 am January 11, 2021
Health tech firm Vatic is launching an on-the-spot-result saliva test to identify current COVID-19 infections, as well as who is infectious and can pass on the virus. A swab is used to collect saliva from inside of the user’s cheek and pooled saliva under the tongue. The saliva from the swab is then mixed with an ‘extraction buffer’ in a tube and drops of the resulting solution are released on to...
PouchPass, Consumer trends
By  Sara Mageit 08:29 am December 29, 2020
A multidimensional approach to health was already gaining considerable momentum prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. From physical fitness, to mental wellbeing, the health tech consumer landscape was evolving and innovating at a steady speed. However, what was previously modest growth in health tech adoption has since spiked rapidly due to the pandemic. According to a study by Deloitte, due to...
Ask NHS app

Credit: Ask NHS 

By  Sara Mageit 09:01 am December 17, 2020
A pilot project run in collaboration with GP practices in Buckinghamshire, Brent, and Greenwich, enabled patients to use the Ask NHS app to self-check eligibility and quickly make appointments for flu jabs.  WHY IT MATTERS The Ask NHS app lets users check symptoms, book clinician appointments, access self-care resources, and connect with live video consultations. Sophisticated Natural Language...
V-Health passports, VSTE Enterprises, COVID-19

Credit: V-Health passports 

By  Tammy Lovell 08:55 am December 15, 2020
British cyber technology company VST Enterprises (VSTE) has launched a public ‘fit to fly’ health passport designed for air travel. The cross-border platform called V-Health Passport can be downloaded and used alongside any form of COVID-19 testing and vaccination that does not use unsecure bar codes and QR code technology. Airlines and transport carriers can also download and use the system. It...
DreamLab, COVID-19
By  Sara Mageit 10:12 am December 14, 2020
Imperial College London and the Vodafone Foundation charity are running a study on COVID-19 research called Corona-AI, to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Volunteers donate their smartphone computing time to the DreamLab app by simply downloading the app and letting it crunch thousands of calculations while they sleep. By creating a virtual supercomputer, the app searches through digital...
COVID-19 vaccine
By  Sara Mageit 06:06 am December 8, 2020
Lincolnshire-based provider of corporate health metrics and tracking systems, Well.Me, has announced the launch of a new set of physical and digital systems to support COVID-19 track and trace and vaccine roll-out monitoring. WHY IT MATTERS The systems will allow for symptom monitoring and localised “track and trace” operations within workplace environments, as well as providing a database of...
By  Sara Mageit 11:25 am December 1, 2020
UK-based research technology company uMed has raised £3.7 million to help healthcare providers in the UK and US, including GPs, hospitals and health specialists, run patient research more efficiently while safeguarding patient data and ensuring regulatory compliance. VC investors AlbionVC, Delin Ventures and Playfair Capital are backing uMed’s latest round of funding, along with Silicon Valley’s...
COVID-19, Unilabs UAE, Dubai Health Authority
By  Rachel McArthur 09:54 am November 25, 2020
Earlier this week, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in the United Arab Emirates announced it is now offering a simple saliva test that can detect COVID-19 for children between the ages of 3-16 years. The test – which costs AED 150 (€34) – is available across all DHA facilities and DHA-run COVID-19 screening centres in the emirate. It is hoped that the new form of testing will eliminate discomfort...