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exterior view of Wirral Women's and Children's Hospital in UK

Credit: Google Maps

By Nick Renaud-Komiya 01:28 pm August 29, 2018
While individual healthcare providers may be making great strides in deploying increasingly sophisticated patient record systems, far too many are still operating within comfortable organisational silos. To integrate care and make value-based care a reality, every local stakeholder must collaborate to intelligently share and use information, not only to improve direct care, but also bolster...
By Leontina Postelnicu 02:11 pm April 26, 2018
Edinburgh, Scotland] A new national decision-making board will be in charge of driving the implementation of Scotland’s digital health and care strategy starting from July.  Setting out the requirements necessary to fully harness the power of information and technology, the strategy, published yesterday (25 April), was developed by the Scottish government in collaboration with the Convention of...
By Jonah Comstock 10:59 am June 17, 2015
Dr. Eric Topol's newest book is called "The Patient Will See You Now." At BIO during his keynote talk, a whirlwind overview of the digital health space, Topol freely acknowledged that he wasn't the first person to riff on that phrase. "It takes 2.6 weeks to get an appointment with a primary care doctor on average. Since it’s hard to see a doctor is, what’s really interesting in contrast is that...