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By  Sara Mageit 05:57 am March 29, 2021
Pharma giant Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK and UK provider of digital healthcare solutions, Cievert has announced a digital innovation partnership. The collaboration will support patient care in rheumatology and dermatology by capturing patient-reported data. The partnership was created via the Novartis BIOME, a project which encourages impactful collaboration in science tech, with a selection...
By  Dave Muoio 03:44 pm June 11, 2019
A new report from Royal Philips exploring the progress and shortcomings of digital health pinpointed infrequent patient data sharing as a frequent barrier to high-quality care and healthcare innovation. This trend was consistent across several global regions, despite increasing interest and advocacy for such approaches among patients and providers alike. “Two-way sharing of information is not...