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Sally Liang speaks at the US-China Summit

 Sally Liang speaks at the US-China Summit. All photos credit of USHC.

By Laura Lovett 09:37 am September 26, 2018
With a population of over 1.4 billion people or roughly 18.5 percent of the world’s people, China appears a ripe market for healthcare startups. The country also struggles with many of the same healthcare challenges as the West, including an aging population and a growing number of people living with diabetes. But for Western digital health companies looking to start in China, numerous obstacles...
By Aditi Pai 01:35 pm February 24, 2016
Population health company Transcend Insights, a health tech subsidiary of Humana, has launched three digital tools to help health organizations transition patients from episodic care to proactive care. In addition to this announcement, Transcend Insights announced that its first pilot customer, Hardin Memorial Health. “Our vision for population wellness is to disrupt the ‘sick-care cycle’ that...