FCC wireless health regulation

By Brian Dolan July 28, 2010
IBM, General Electric, Philips and other large tech firms have lobbied the FCC for at least the past year to allow wireless medical devices to use a range of wireless spectrum (2360MHz to 2400MHz) for vital sign monitoring. A recent report from Bloomberg, however, revealed that aircraft maker Boeing uses that range of spectrum to test the safety of its planes. Plane safety vs. wireless health...
By Brian Dolan July 27, 2010
The FCC's Director of Healthcare Dr. Mohit Kaushal posted a video tour of the wireless health companies exhibiting at the FDA-FCC wireless health meeting today and tomorrow. Watch as FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, FDA Commissioner Peggy Hamburg and Federal Chief Technology Officer Annesh Chopra meet with a few of the 25 companies at the event. Lots of recognizable faces from the industry:
By Brian Dolan July 27, 2010
The Federal Communications Commission and the Food & Drug Association signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today that each agency would work with the other to create an efficient regulatory structure for wireless-enabled medical devices and services. The agreement has a five-year sunset provision built into it. "The MOU between the FCC and the FDA is intended to promote collaboration ...