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German federal parliament, the Bundestag has passed legislation to digitalise the country’s healthcare.

By Tammy Lovell 09:54 am November 13, 2019
The white house.
By Mike Miliard 03:59 pm June 24, 2019
The White House wants "explainable" systems for healthcare, not black boxes, and wants research into new technologies that are "reliable, dependable, safe, and trustworthy."
By Dave Muoio 12:17 pm February 13, 2019
The aging population’s caregiving needs are growing as quickly as the demographic, and a slew of new tech-based products for seniors, their families and providers are cropping up each day in response. But despite the potential voice-first interfaces and inconspicuous sensor-equipped wearables, analysts discussing the senior care technology market at HIMSS19 noted that long-term adoption is...
NHS hospital sign.
By Leontina Postelnicu 12:37 pm January 7, 2019
Digitally-enabled care is expected to become a "mainstream part" of the NHS in England under a 10-year plan unveiled today.
By Dave Muoio 04:00 pm January 2, 2019
As America rises to greet the new year, its leaders remain in a funding dispute over border security that has so far resulted in 13 days of a partial government shutdown. While the deadlock is certainly having a prolonged impact on more than 420,000 government employees who are working without pay, and the 380,000-plus who have been furloughed, each passing day threatens greater challenges for...
Blockchain illustration
By Mike Miliard 05:14 pm December 28, 2018
Federal officials are working on policy about the emerging technology deliberately, helping to set expectations for near- and medium-term healthcare applications.