hospital branded apps

By Brian Dolan 12:47 pm May 16, 2014
About nine months ago -- in September 2013 -- the MobiHealthNews team published results from an exhaustive search of Apple’s AppStore and the Google Play store for apps that were developed by or on behalf of hospitals and healthcare systems in the US. At the time we found more than 200 health-related apps in this category. This list of apps is particularly important for hospital marketing...
By MHN Staff 05:21 am September 26, 2013
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By Brian Dolan 12:52 pm September 20, 2013
One trend that emerged while researching MobiHealthNews' most recent report, 205 Hospital-branded apps for patients, was that children's hospitals are far and away the most creative and ambitious of healthcare providers in the United States using mobile apps for patient engagement. Of the more than 200 apps now available in appstores from hospitals for patients, about 17 percent come from a...