Jack Resneck talking to HIMSS TV at Health 2.0 conference
By HIMSS TV September 18, 2018
*/ Focus on Innovation In September, we take a deep dive into the cutting-edge development and disruption of healthcare innovation.
Dr. Albert Chi talks to HIMSS TV at Health 2.0
By HIMSS TV September 18, 2018
*/ Focus on Innovation In September, we take a deep dive into the cutting-edge development and disruption of healthcare innovation.
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By Healthcare IT News Staff September 17, 2018
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Credit: FDA

By Laura Lovett September 14, 2018
In many ways the gatekeepers of healthcare innovation and advancement in the US, the FDA is key in shaping the future of the healthcare industry both in America and abroad. When it comes to the digital space the FDA has been evolving both in the way technology is approved and vetted. Over the last year FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has put an emphasis on speeding up the process in getting...

Left to right: Lesley Solomon, Josh Di Frances, Andrea Ippolito and Dr. Jeff Greenberg

By Laura Lovett September 12, 2018
Founded in 2013, Brigham and Women’s iHub, an innovation organization inside of the hospital, has seen half a decade of technology advancements and cultural changes. This afternoon, panelists who once worked at the hub sat down for the center’s fifth anniversary to talk digital health, past and present. Here are three major trends speakers predicted for the future:  Cluster and consolidation With...
FDA approved tech collage
By Dave Muoio September 12, 2018
Brainstorming, smart design, and clinical validation are all vital steps toward the deployment of any new health technology, but without regulatory approval many of the most groundbreaking innovations will never have a chance to make an impact on patients and consumers. In the US, these processes could see some shakeup in the future — FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been consistently...
FDA sign outside


By MobiHealthNews September 11, 2018
Since new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the FDA precertification program, the agency has been moving full speed ahead to re-invent its process for clearing digital health products. Pre-Cert will emphasize a focus on evaluating “standards of excellence” for the company or firm, rather than focusing on specific products. The idea is that trusted shops will be able to iterate...
Shrestha, Shafiq Rab and Will Morris collage of headshots
By Beth Jones Sanborn September 11, 2018
Healthcare innovation, though often elusive and at times overwhelming, is what will drive hospitals and providers toward increased value and better outcomes. It should be a steady and consistent goal to adequately fund innovations not just for the sake of patients but for physicians and other staff as well. But how do you encourage the cutting-edge within your own healthcare organization? We...
epic, cerner, allscripts signs from HIMSS18 convention booths
By Bill Siwicki September 10, 2018
Major electronic health record systems vendors are pretty innovative companies when it comes to keeping their products up to date with the changing requirements of delivering healthcare at health systems, hospitals and group practices. But there is only so much big companies can do, and further, sometimes the perspective from an innovative upstart developer can shed light on new features and...
Adam Culbertson at HIMSS Innovation Center talks to HIMSS TV
By Jonah Comstock September 6, 2018
Adam Culbertson is the Innovator in Residence at HIMSS, a role in which he works with different stakeholders to drive and support innovation in healthcare. Lately his focus has been on developer programs and APIs. MobiHealthNews sat down with Culbertson as part of our September Focus on Innovation to get his take on hospital innovation as well as to hear a little more about him, his role, and his...