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By HIMSS Media September 6, 2018
Just about everyone in healthcare and health IT specifically is following two emerging deals: CVS Health’s ongoing acquisition of insurer Aetna and the trio of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase. If it’s tempting to think Amazon and partners have the edge with technology, then consider that they have hinted at serving their own 1 million employees while Aetna’s member base is 22...
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By Susan Morse September 6, 2018
There’s little doubt that new innovations will disrupt healthcare operations and the revenue cycle as well as care delivery. The bigger question is whether those will be technological in nature, new business models or a combination of both? While hospitals and health insurers await that answer, many executives and experts are closely watching two partnerships unfold: CVS Health’s proposed merger...
David Hoke
By Beth Jones Sanborn September 5, 2018
Innovation breeds choices and today consumers not only have options, but they expect them. At the same time, technology can't be the solution. It should be part of it, just not the whole plan. Providers must find partners, suppliers, tools, resources and developers who understand critically that this is all about the person. "When designing the IT product, the technology isn't the end-all be all...
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New research reveals hospital innovation needs to focus on interoperability, patient experience and telehealth.

By Tom Sullivan September 5, 2018
Healthcare is at an exciting juncture right now. With analytics, cloud, mobile tools, open APIs, apps, and so much patient data being generated and opened to developers, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about how hospitals can use technology to fix our broken system.   That's exactly why we are focusing on innovation throughout September. We will be posting analysis, advice and...
exterior view of Wirral Women's and Children's Hospital in UK

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By Nick Renaud-Komiya August 29, 2018
While individual healthcare providers may be making great strides in deploying increasingly sophisticated patient record systems, far too many are still operating within comfortable organisational silos. To integrate care and make value-based care a reality, every local stakeholder must collaborate to intelligently share and use information, not only to improve direct care, but also bolster...
Omkar Kulkarni, CIO at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Omkar Kulkarni, CIO at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, will be speaking at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara Sept. 16.

By Dave Muoio August 23, 2018
From digital therapeutics to virtual care and artificial intelligence, there are a number of novel advancements in healthcare technology offering providers an opportunity to revamp care for the better. But talking about healthcare innovation is easy — it’s the deployment and adoption that often trips up larger healthcare providers. Omkar Kulkarni, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ recently...
​Robotic technology used to smooth the distribution process.

Robotic technology used to smooth the distribution process at the new pharmacy; source: Now Healthcare Group

By Leontina Postelnicu August 17, 2018
Now Healthcare Group has set its sights on global expansion after opening a £1.5m tele-pharmacy that will create 30 new jobs in Liverpool. The new ‘super-hub’, which uses robotic technology to streamline the distribution process, is reportedly set to dispense around half a million prescriptions every month, providing support for people living with chronic conditions through the AI-powered Now...
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By Leontina Postelnicu August 16, 2018
Cambridge, England-based health tech company Healthera has raised $3.8 million (£3 million) in a Series A funding round led by Accelerated Digital Ventures, with participation from Cambridge Enterprise and Future Care Capital, to accelerate its expansion across the UK and ‘triple the size of [its] commercial force’, according to Managing Director Martin Hao. Healthera’s solution, already listed...
Nick Hopkinson
By Nick Hopkinson August 6, 2018
The stated mission of Babylon is global and ambitious, “to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth”. They seem to be making good progress. Already 30% of the population of Rwanda, over 2 million people, have accessed their app-based primary care services and a recent deal with Chinese firm Tencent puts Babylon’s AI into the hands of the one billion...
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By Leontina Postelnicu July 18, 2018
London-based health tech start-up Digital Surgery has announced this week that it has developed and demonstrated a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to guide surgical teams in the operating room (OR). The innovation is said to be paving the way for how AI and associated technologies will help clinicians deliver ‘safer surgeries’ in the future, according to Dr Jean Nehme, Digital...