OnlineDoctor, teledermatology

Credit: OnlineDoctor

By  Sara Mageit 05:23 am January 5, 2021
Swiss telemedicine startup, OnlineDoctor has concluded a Series A financing round of €5 million (CHF 5.5 million Swiss francs). Swiss health insurance company CSS, along with SwissHealth Ventures led the funding round. New investors Mutschler Ventures and US investor, PilotRock Ventures also contributed to the funding. Previous investors, including Forty:one, venture capital company,...

Credit: nomela

By  Sara Mageit 11:24 am August 18, 2020
UK-based medical technology company, Moletest (Scotland) Ltd, is offering primary care professionals the opportunity to reduce the number of dermatology referrals to secondary care with nomela, a screening test for skin lesions suspected of melanoma. WHY IT MATTERS GPs and other primary care professionals will be able to use a nomela iPad to take images of the suspect skin lesion, which are...