Nerivio Migra

Above: Alon Ironi, CEO & Co-Founder, Theranica. Credit: Theranica

By Dean Koh 11:14 pm June 16, 2019
Pain is usually an indication something wrong with the body and the typical approach to pain is to take appropriate medicine that will help alleviate that pain. However, taking painkillers will have some side effects and it is more complicated, or even life-threatening for those who are allergic to certain painkillers. Imagine a future where pain can be managed or alleviated using a combination...

An illustrated graphic of how the Nerivio Migra device works. Source: Theranica

By Dean Koh 10:40 pm May 28, 2019
Theranica, an Israel-based biomedical technology company focused on developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other prevalent diseases, announced on May 28 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a De Novo request for its smartphone-controlled electroceutical, Nerivio Migra, utilising Remote Electrical Neuromodulation for the acute treatment of migraine. The FDA...