One-minute Clinic

Ping An Good Doctor's first One-minute Clinic in Wuzhen, outside of Shanghai. Credit: Ping An Good Doctor.

By  Dean Koh 03:46 am January 7, 2019
Last year, Ping An Good Doctor, a one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform from China, piloted unstaffed clinics that employ artificial intelligence called “One-minute Clinics” in the Wuzhen Scenic Area outside of Shanghai, which connect patients with a clinician on Ping An Good Doctor’s in-house medical team. Just last week, the company announced that it had placed its One-minute Clinics across 8...

The technology on display at Wuzhen World Internet Conference. Photo credit: Ping An Good Doctor. 

By  Laura Lovett 03:54 pm November 29, 2018
In China a future trip to the doctor's could mean visiting a local mall and dipping into an AI-power booth.  Earlier this month Ping An Good Doctor, a one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform, showcased a tiny unstaffed clinic that employs artificial intelligence. Patients can sit in the three-square meter clinic and chat with a cloud doctor, called AI Doctor, about their symptoms.  The AI Doctor’s...