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By Sara Mageit 10:30 am July 2, 2020
VR TRAINING FOR CARE WORKERS IMPROVES INFECTION CONTROL A study carried out as part of the government funded TechForce19 challenge has shown that when carers receive training via immersive digital technology, including VR, it can improve understanding of infection control measures by 76% and knowledge retention of health and safety guidelines by 230%. As part of a randomised control...
By Sara Mageit 04:06 am June 19, 2020
UK CONTACT TRACING APP SWITCH In a major U-turn, the UK is switching from its existing centralised contact tracing app to the technology provided by Google and Apple. At the Downing Street briefing, health secretary, Matt Hancock said the new app is months from being ready however said the government would not “put a date” on when the app will be launched. In a joint statement from Baroness Dido...
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By PsychU 03:02 pm April 7, 2020
A group of organizations—Amazon, Apple, and Google among others—are blurring the line between the tech field and the healthcare field. One of the key elements in this blurring of the line is the automation of health and human service functions that previously required human work. This tech-enabled automation is frequently accomplished through bots, which are computer applications that perform...
By Laura Lovett 04:29 pm February 27, 2020
Caravan Health, a company that helps providers transition into accountable care organizations (ACO), has dipped into the digital space with the acquisition of patient engagement tech vendor Wellpepper, according to the startup’s former CEO Anne Weiler.  Founded in 2012, Wellpepper works with health plans to provide their patients with digital treatment plans, messaging services and an alert...
Integris Baptist Medical Center
By Bill Siwicki 01:46 pm November 26, 2019
At Integris Health, billing and analytics technology is responsible for measurable rises in patients' perceptions of the financial experience – helping them set up payment plans, make payments, register for self-service and sign up for text alerts.
By Jeff Lagasse 02:45 pm November 25, 2019
Employee engagement is a vital part in determining the success of a company's wellness program, and there are four trends to look for next year.
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By Mike Miliard 12:10 pm November 22, 2019
As providers seek to improve the patient experience and engage patients for better health outcomes, a KLAS report explores how vendors' claims square with health systems' priorities.