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By Jeff Lagasse 11:59 am November 22, 2019
Most parents believe they have the resources to raise healthy children, but significant hurdles can pose a persistent challenge.
By Jeff Lagasse 04:08 pm November 8, 2019
There's a potentially large impact school-based telehealth programs can have on children with chronic illnesses.
By Max Sullivan 06:07 am November 5, 2019
While 88% of patients said they were satisfied with their care, only half said their doctors and other providers did a "good" or "excellent" job.
By Laura Lovett 03:32 pm August 22, 2019
Participants of the National Institutes of Health's All of Us program — a national research project dedicated to collecting data from a diverse population for prevention and treatment of diseases — will now have access to more insights about their genes thanks to a partnership between the program and health tech company Color. The NIH awarded the California-based company $4.6 million in funding...

Photo: Fitbit

By Dean Koh 10:39 pm August 21, 2019
Fitbit announced yesterday that it will be collaborating with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) on a healthy population project in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. The HPB is Singapore’s government agency that implements policy and programmes to improve the nation’s health, and a statutory board under the Ministry of Health (MOH). This is Fitbit’s first major integration of...
By Dave Muoio 03:42 pm May 6, 2019
The NIH’s All of Us Research Program celebrated its one-year anniversary today with new updates on enrollment progress, previews of its upcoming cloud-based data platform for health researchers and the public beta launch of an online tool for viewing aggregated, de-identified information about the program’s enrollees. “I hoped [one year ago] that many would share this vision and help us achieve...
By Jonah Comstock 12:40 pm April 12, 2019
Philips Global Innovation Leader Kirk Elder doesn’t like to wear watches. “If you were to approach me with a digital health experience or a chronic care program that requires a watch, I probably wouldn’t be very compliant in that program,” Elder said at an event in Tel Aviv earlier this month. “It’s just a quirk. And I admit it’s weird, but all of us have quirks. And the story here is that...

Moshe Bar Siman-Tov speaks at MedInIsrael 2019 in Tel Aviv. Photo by Roy Habani.

By Jonah Comstock 02:49 pm April 1, 2019
With a population of just 9 million, Israel is not a large country. But its contributions to health innovation, in particular digital health, are outsized. The country boasts 500 digital health startups as well as hospitals like Sheba Medical Center, which has recently been ranked in the top 10 in the world by Newsweek. What does the country have going for it? A mostly interoperable, fully...
Senior citizens talking.
04:57 pm March 20, 2019
HIMSS Media's information brands Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Finance News, MobiHealthNews and HIMSS TV are diving into one of the most pressing issues facing healthcare today – baby boomers and their swelling demands on our system. We'll look at the challenges, opportunities, emerging technologies, and other tactics hospitals, health systems and payers are deploying to manage the needs of the...