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By  Sara Mageit 07:26 am April 9, 2021
DACADOO AND DIG ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP IN LIFESTYLE INSURANCE Swiss health tech and insurtech company, dacadoo and Amsterdam-based Digital Insurance Group (DIG) are partnering up to expand their set of insurtech solutions for banking, insurance and brokers. Using a new quote & buy products set to improve the underwriting process for life operators, the partnership aims to establish real-time..., AstraZeneca

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By  Sara Mageit 09:53 am December 8, 2020
Global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has announced a partnership through its Emerging Markets Health Innovation Hubs programme, with India-based AI solution provider, The partnership aims to to integrate AI solutions for the early detection of lung cancer in patients across AstraZeneca’s Emerging Markets regions, covering Latin America, Asia and the Middle East & Africa. WHY...
Startup Kheiron Medical Technologies, COVID-19 cancer screening

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By  Tammy Lovell 01:50 am December 2, 2020
A clinical trial found that artificial intelligence (AI) breast screening solution, Mia, could assist radiologists with cancer detection in mammograms. The study by British machine learning startup Kheiron Medical Technologies indicated that using its Mia solution alongside a human radiologist did not make a significant impact on the performance of breast cancer screening services.   In Europe,...
Navenio, location tech, NHS

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By  Sara Mageit 09:58 am November 23, 2020
UK healthcare scale-up Navenio, has announced a $1.1 million (€845K) investment from Future Planet Capital to help accelerate healthcare efficiency. Navenio aims to use the funds for its intelligent workforce solution, which helps to mitigate infection and cross-contamination in hospitals. Dubbed 'Uber-for-indoors' for its infrastructure-free indoor location solutions, the platform is the...
By  Dave Muoio 12:28 pm October 21, 2020
The past couple of days have seen a handful of artificial intelligence algorithms for radiology imaging analysis receive 510(k) clearances from the FDA. Two of these, from Quantib and Ezra, are focused on the relatively untouched area of prostate cancer screening, while a third, from Aidoc, targets incidental pulmonary embolism. Quantib's software delivers an in-workflow assessment of prostate...

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By  Sara Mageit 08:44 am August 7, 2020
UK- based healthcare scale-up, Navenio, has announced that the Royal Cornwall NHS trust has selected its location-based AI platform to support Clinical Imaging Assistants (CIAs) within the radiology portering and service support teams. This move is part of a programme of efficiency improvements within the diagnostic imaging department. WHY IT MATTERS The partnership involves supporting the trust...
By  Dave Muoio 12:19 pm August 3, 2020
Israeli "digital X-ray" startup Nanox filed a Form F-1 with the SEC on Friday that outlines plans to raise $125 million in an IPO. The company has applied to list its shares on the Nasdaq exchange as "NNOX," and according to a representative has entered its quiet period prior to the IPO. Nanox, which has raised $110 million from investors since November 2019, is building a two-part offering...
By  Dave Muoio 11:41 am July 28, 2020
Israeli "digital X-ray" startup Nanox has secured another $59 million from unnamed "global investors." The company now pegs its round total at $110 million, after combining today's news with investments announced since November of 2019. Contributors to those incremental raises included Foxconn, Fujifilm and SK Telecom. WHAT IT DOES The Israeli company is developing a two-pronged offering...

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By  Sophie Porter 01:57 am July 23, 2020
Spain-based medtech company, QUIBIM, have secured €8 million in a recent round of seed funding co-led by Amadeus Capital Partners and Adara Ventures to improve its radiomics platform. WHAT IT DOES QUIBIM is a frontrunner in the field of radiomics, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read medical images for disease-specific biomarkers, enabling early detection of diseases such as COVID-19....
By  Dean Koh 03:17 am July 2, 2020
Mumbai-based healthcare AI startup earlier this week announced its first US FDA 510(k) clearance for its head CT scan product qER. The US Food and Drug Administration’s decision covers four critical abnormalities identified by’s emergency room product. The AI tool can now be used to triage radiology scans with intracranial bleeds, mass effect, midline shift, and cranial fractures...