Credit: Babyl Rwanda

By Leontina Postelnicu 05:00 pm March 4, 2020
Babylon's Rwanda-focused virtual care subsidiary, Babyl, inked a 10-year partnership with the country's government giving every person over the age of 12 access to digital health consultations. According to Babyl, every appointment will be paid for through the government’s Mutuelle de Santé community-based health insurance scheme, which is managed by the Rwandan Social Security Board (RSSB). ...

Babyl activation event in Rwanda. As part of the service communities have access to virtual consultations with doctors and experts, as well as monitoring and diagnostic tools. Photo credit: Babyl Rwanda 

By Laura Lovett 12:11 pm May 24, 2019
With billions of dollars pouring into the biggest tech hubs in the world like Silicon Valley, New York and Beijing, it can be easy to forget about other health technologies under development in regions without the same resources. However, digital health has already started changing care around the world, especially in developing regions, making care more accessible and cost effective. In...