strategic Planning

Shrestha, Shafiq Rab and Will Morris collage of headshots
By Beth Jones Sanborn 10:44 am September 11, 2018
Healthcare innovation, though often elusive and at times overwhelming, is what will drive hospitals and providers toward increased value and better outcomes. It should be a steady and consistent goal to adequately fund innovations not just for the sake of patients but for physicians and other staff as well. But how do you encourage the cutting-edge within your own healthcare organization? We...
David Hoke
By Beth Jones Sanborn 11:18 am September 5, 2018
Innovation breeds choices and today consumers not only have options, but they expect them. At the same time, technology can't be the solution. It should be part of it, just not the whole plan. Providers must find partners, suppliers, tools, resources and developers who understand critically that this is all about the person. "When designing the IT product, the technology isn't the end-all be all...