By Laura Lovett 11:57 am September 9, 2019
Despite the United States' leading reputation in innovation and healthcare, if you search hard enough in any U.S. city you can find a story of health disparity, with neglected demographics falling through the cracks. Perhaps the most unseen peoples are those currently being exploited and trafficked.   Human trafficking impacts roughly 40 million people worldwide, according to the The...
a screensnap of Do No Harm trailer about doctor burnout

The panel will include a discussion with ‘Do No Harm’ documentary filmmaker Robyn Simon. Credit: Screen snap of film Do No Harm

By Jonah Comstock 02:34 pm August 23, 2018
Eight years ago, Eliza CEO Alex Drane came up with the idea for “The Unmentionables,” an annual panel at Health 2.0 where participants would address difficult but important topics in healthcare. “Her bullet point was that there are things in healthcare that drive health outcomes that we don’t mention,” Health 2.0 cofounder and CEO Indu Subaiya told MobiHealthNews. “She started with topics like...