By 06:51 am September 03, 2019
Livongo CEO Zane Burke details how his company is using artificial intelligence to make care more personal from both the clinical and consumer...
By 06:38 am August 23, 2019
Dr. Doug Fridsma, AMIA's president and CEO, discusses new ONC regulations covering full export functions.
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Bill Gillis, CIO, and Dr. Sarika Aggarwal, CMO at Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization, explain how collaborating to bring clinical staff in at...
By 06:58 am August 16, 2019
There is growing enthusiasm for healthcare chatbots across both sides of the aisle, says Dr. Phil Marshall, chief product officer at Conversa Health.
By 08:35 am August 15, 2019
Teladoc Health's Dr. Alan Roga discusses how telehealth is evolving from minor episodic care to managing complex conditions.
By 07:01 am August 14, 2019
Technical and business infrastructure can be built to support social care providers, says Dr. Jacob Reider, CEO of Alliance for Better Health.
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Flagler Hospital CMIO Dr. Michael Sanders describes how clinicians are using unsupervised learning algorithms to reduce costs and prevent medical...
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Andrew Rebhan, consultant at The Advisory Board, discusses new advances in artificial intelligence, biopsychosocial IT, internet of things, 3D...
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Simita Mishra, Northwell Health's population health informatics lead, says the organization addresses the quadruple aim - including physician burnout...
By 08:34 am July 22, 2019
Salesforce Health Cloud can help providers aggregate, analyze and make actionable the data providers need to address social determinants of health,...