An old-time radio and circular microphone
By  MobiHealthNews 03:44 pm November 24, 2020
In today's episode of HIMSSCast, guest host Laura Lovett, managing editor of MobiHealthNews, checks in with Maria Velissaris, founding partner at Steel Sky Ventures and Colette Courtion, founder and CEO of Joylux about some of the challenges facing the burgeoning women's health and reproductive health, or femtech, industry. In particular, they chat about advertising double standards, funding...
Smartphone screens displaying the MyTherapy app
By  Laura Lovett 02:56 pm November 24, 2020
Novartis is teaming up with smartpatient to launch a new app feature on the MyTherapy app for patients with wet macular degeneration (AMD) that is focused on educating patients and caregivers about treatment and management.  Called "See What’s Next," the section was specifically designed to help provide patients and their families with resources about navigating life with the disease and giving...
Technology Partnership Plc (TTP), CoTest, COVID-19

Credit: Technology Partnership Plc (TTP) CoTest device 

By  Sara Mageit 09:23 am November 24, 2020
UK-based independent technology and product development company, the Technology Partnership Plc (TTP), is seeking partnerships for CoTest, a new pooled screening technology for COVID-19. The technology can be used in any location, to screen up to 40 people at once for the virus, with results available in 30 minutes. WHY IT MATTERS CoTest enables screening of large groups, such as school classes...

Credit: WellSky

By  Sophie Porter 01:41 am November 24, 2020
Modeus, the Australian healthtech company behind controlled drug (CD) management platform HS8, has partnered with WellSky International to deliver a new iteration of the platform in the UK and Ireland. Integrated with WellSky’s existing CD systems, the newly branded WellSky CD Manager is powered by Modeus, bringing paperless CD administration to hospital staff from all parts of the hospital,...
care home technology, GE Healthcare

Credit: InteractiveMe tablet being shown to resident at Woodstock Residential Care Centre 

By  Sara Mageit 09:10 am November 20, 2020
GE HEALTHCARE ACQUIRES SWEDISH STARTUP PRISMATIC SENSORS GE Healthcare is acquiring Swedish medical X-ray imaging startup, Prismatic Sensors to boost its medical imaging business. According to GE, the startups technology offers fewer doses of radiation to patients and more accurate X-ray imaging, and has the potential to be a "substantial step forward" in detecting cancer, heart disorders and...
Money and digital health
By  Laura Lovett 03:00 pm November 18, 2020
The healthcare field isn’t quite as complex as it’s made out to be, according Bryan Roberts, partner at Venrock. You just need to have the right ingredients.  “People talk about healthcare as being this complex minefield of insurers, and PBMs, and imaging centers, and providers, where unknowns crop up and unexpectedly stop you in your tracks ,whether you are an incumbent or an upstart trying to...
women's health, fertility app, Apricity
By  Sara Mageit 09:02 am November 13, 2020
Virtual fertility clinic, Apricity has launched an online fertility predictor tool designed to predict a woman's chances of conceiving naturally based on information input about her lifestyle choices. The tool combines a woman’s age with questions about her lifestyle choices via a short quiz in order to predict her chances of conceiving naturally, with the result displayed as a percentage. Users...
coronavirus efforts
By  Laura Lovett 03:11 pm November 12, 2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, hospitals were tasked with quickly finding ways to provide PPE to their workers, connecting doctors to vulnerable patients at home and getting coronavirus testing to the community at large.  This gave rise to new innovations and ways of working, not just in the US, but around the world. MobiHealthNews sat down with Pothik Chatterjee, the executive director of...
Inrupt, NHS, open source, interoperability,
By  Tammy Lovell 06:01 am November 11, 2020
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership in the UK is running a pilot of a web platform which allows users to store their medical data in a Personal Online Data Store - or pod. Startup Inrupt announced the launch of its Enterprise Solid Service (ESS) earlier this week in a blog post, from its chief technology officer, World Wide Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The secure web...
PocDoc, NHS

Credit: PocDoc

By  Sophie Porter 01:55 am November 10, 2020
PocDoc, a digital platform that brings together blood testing and integrated health assessments via a smartphone app, has been chosen as one of the 2020-2021 cohort of the DigitalHealth.London accelerator programme. The platform, developed by Vital Signs Solutions, seeks to empower users to manage their own healthcare by enabling smartphone and tablet users to test themselves for a range of...