Adam Culbertson at HIMSS Innovation Center talks to HIMSS TV
By  Jonah Comstock 03:39 pm September 6, 2018
Adam Culbertson is the Innovator in Residence at HIMSS, a role in which he works with different stakeholders to drive and support innovation in healthcare. Lately his focus has been on developer programs and APIs. MobiHealthNews sat down with Culbertson as part of our September Focus on Innovation to get his take on hospital innovation as well as to hear a little more about him, his role, and his...
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By  HIMSS Media 11:13 am September 6, 2018
Just about everyone in healthcare and health IT specifically is following two emerging deals: CVS Health’s ongoing acquisition of insurer Aetna and the trio of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase. If it’s tempting to think Amazon and partners have the edge with technology, then consider that they have hinted at serving their own 1 million employees while Aetna’s member base is 22...
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By  Susan Morse 09:57 am September 6, 2018
There’s little doubt that new innovations will disrupt healthcare operations and the revenue cycle as well as care delivery. The bigger question is whether those will be technological in nature, new business models or a combination of both? While hospitals and health insurers await that answer, many executives and experts are closely watching two partnerships unfold: CVS Health’s proposed merger...
By  Mike Miliard 05:40 pm September 5, 2018
Add this to blockchain’s growing list of innovative use cases: tracking prescription and population health data.
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New research reveals hospital innovation needs to focus on interoperability, patient experience and telehealth.

By  Tom Sullivan 09:50 am September 5, 2018
Healthcare is at an exciting juncture right now. With analytics, cloud, mobile tools, open APIs, apps, and so much patient data being generated and opened to developers, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about how hospitals can use technology to fix our broken system.   That's exactly why we are focusing on innovation throughout September. We will be posting analysis, advice and...
By  Dave Muoio 02:47 pm August 22, 2018
Y Combinator’s biannual Demo Day is winding to a close after presentations from dozens of tech entrepreneurs. The Silicon Valley-based accelerator has historically had a hand in the development of numerous healthcare tech startups, and this week’s event seems to be no exception. According to TechCrunch, 28 percent of the 122 startups that presented at Demo Day fell within the healthcare vertical...

NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology chair Dr. Michael Recht; Dr. Daniel Sodickson, vice chair for research and director of the Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research, and Dr. Yvonne Lui, associate chair of artificial intelligence, watch an MRI exam take place with a technician at NYU Langone Health in August 2018.

By  Jonah Comstock 01:50 pm August 20, 2018
The Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research group (FAIR) has teamed up with the NYU School of Medicine on a new project that could make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans 10 times faster. "MRI scanners provide doctors and patients with images that typically show a greater level of detail related to soft tissues — such as organs and blood vessels — than is captured by other forms of medical...
the 37 startups building voice applications for healthcare
As the next frontier in human-technology interfaces, voice-enabled and voice-first technologies are leading the way in many innovative applications across industries. Predictions that 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020 and that 55 percent of US households will have a smart speaker by 2022 have entrepreneurs, developers, product managers, and marketers rushing to figure out how...
By  HIMSS TV 08:32 pm July 13, 2018
  */ Focus on Innovation In September, we take a deep dive into the cutting-edge development and disruption of healthcare innovation.