By  HIMSS TV 06:25 am May 13, 2021
Dr. Deborah Maufi, chief medical officer at Babymoon Care, discusses how to tackle the inequalities in maternal health.
By  HIMSS TV 08:08 am May 12, 2021
Rutherford Health Chief Medical Officer Karol Sikora highlights the most pressing needs in cancer treatment today and how he envisages treatment decision-making in the next decade.
By  03:21 pm May 11, 2021
Health systems need an omnichannel patient engagement platform that uses sophisticated AI technology and integrates well with their back-end systems, says Nuance Chief Strategy Officer Peter Durlach.
By  HIMSS TV 06:00 am May 11, 2021
Deep Dive: With ransomware attacks on the rise, with cybercriminals' tactics evolving in new and dangerous ways, security professionals offer tips and best practices for safeguarding healthcare organizations against the threat.
By  HIMSS TV 09:12 am May 10, 2021
Deep Dive: HIMSS chapters continue to play a significant role in shaping healthcare.
By  HIMSS TV 07:40 am May 07, 2021
This week's top stories include the Biden administration aiming to get 70% of adults at least one vaccine dose by July 4, ransomware continuing to be a threat to healthcare, and Collective Health scaling its employer health benefits platform.
By  HIMSS TV 09:10 am May 06, 2021
Franka Cadée, president of the International Confederation of Midwives, discusses the need to ensure the use of digital tools preserves compassionate connections between clinicians and patients.
By  HIMSS TV 11:02 am May 05, 2021
Darren Lacey, chief information security officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine, discusses the need for healthcare providers to develop a more forward-leaning strategy in this episode of HIT Cybersecurity.
By  HIMSS TV 06:00 am May 05, 2021
Innovations in care delivery include "beaming" application specialists into the operating room, says Dr. Atul Gupta, chief medical officer for Philips' Image Guided Therapy business.
By  HIMSS TV 04:14 pm May 03, 2021
Monthly Update: HIMSS Media Editor in Chief Jonah Comstock recaps some of April's biggest stories, including insurtech news, studies from Fitbit and telehealth being called into question.