By HIMSS TV 01:45 pm May 29, 2019
Death Over Dinner conversations are bringing healing and insight to healthcare professionals, as they deal with patients lost.
By HIMSS TV 08:34 am May 29, 2019
HIMSS Director of Informatics Mari Greenberger says blockchain as a tool, not a goal, can help rid redundancy, time and money that it takes to solve problems.
By HIMSS TV 03:56 pm May 28, 2019
The NHS is traditionally a tough market for innovation, but that reality is changing, says Daniel Zamora, Health 2.0 Manchester Chapter lead.
By HIMSS TV 02:30 pm May 28, 2019
Instead of trying to select a tool, health organizations should be thinking about finding a partner that can help them accomplish all of their initiatives, says Kevin Montgomery, co-founder and CTO at Relatient.
By HIMSS TV 08:52 am May 28, 2019
Bruce Leong, director of technology and strategy at Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore, discusses the ground-up approach to innovation and collaboration at his ever-evolving organization.
By HIMSS TV 01:20 pm May 24, 2019
Pharma companies are entering the “drug and digital” era, where they need to provide digital solutions to deliver more value to patients, says veteran healthcare leader and Health Innovation Strategies CEO Naomi Fried.
By HIMSS TV 11:51 am May 24, 2019
Long-term patient Swapna Kakani says that patient experience is changing slowly, but there are little things hospitals can do to better cater to consumers.
By HIMSS TV 03:48 pm May 23, 2019
Dr. Nares Damrongchai, CEO of the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences, on how breaking down silos to bring together different agencies doing advanced work can achieve greater goals.
By HIMSS TV 12:07 pm May 23, 2019
The former national coordinator and professor at Dell Medical School says consumers need to feel more like a person and less like a patient so the trend is to put all of a patient's data in one place so they can access it via smartphone.
By HIMSS TV 09:34 am May 23, 2019
Cleveland Clinic Executive Chief Nursing Officer K. Kelly Hancock says a business case is emerging from empathy as unlocking engagement to influence patients and clinicians can boost the bottom line.

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