By HIMSS TV February 14, 2019
GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Keith Bigelow shares how the Edison platform enables better care delivery.
By HIMSS TV February 14, 2019
(Sponsored) Learn how video streaming is helping healthcare organizations communicate better with patients and caregivers.
By HIMSS TV February 12, 2019
HIMSS helps facilitate deep dives and other discussions about the most topical issues in regions around the globe, according to Bruce Steinberg, executive vice president of HIMSS International.
By HIMSS TV February 11, 2019
Hal Wolf, President and CEO of HIMSS, says healthcare needs a renaissance and outlines how HIMSS19 will drive and facilitate the reformation of healthcare.
By HIMSS TV February 07, 2019
Stephen Wellman, vice president of content strategy at HIMSS Media, details what to look for at HIMSS19, as well as the best ways to stay informed of all the news and happenings at the massive global conference.
By HIMSS TV February 05, 2019
Northwell VP Sabina Zak and Conversa Health founder Philip Marshall share how Northwell is changing how it delivers standardized and personalized information to patients outside its facilities to improve the patient experience.
By HIMSS TV February 04, 2019
Health systems need to prove with scientific rigor which new apps and innovations work, says Dr. Ashish Atreja, chief innovation officer at Mount Sinai and founding chair of NODE.Health.
By HIMSS TV January 31, 2019
Veteran HIMSS conference-goer and Healthcare IT News Editor-in-Chief Tom Sullivan shares how to prepare for the massive event, what to look for in Orlando and the best ways to keep pace with breaking news.
By HIMSS TV January 30, 2019
Tiesong Zhang, president of China's Kunming Children's Hospital, shares how the hospital developed a strategic plan to use the power of IT to improve quality, safety and efficiency – and achieve Stage 7 of the EMRAM.
By HIMSS TV January 28, 2019
Because IT is a driving force for hospital development, CEOs must make it a priority, says Huimin Xia, CEO of the Stage 7 EMRAM validated Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center.

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