By HIMSS TV 05:00 pm December 27, 2019
Key benefits of attending conferences such as the AHA Scientific Sessions are the chance to make new connections and directly address physicians, says Chris Wasden, head of pharma at Happify Health.
By HIMSS TV 11:44 am December 27, 2019
Triple Regards President Ayumi Maruyama says application designs that are patient-centric can keep users motivated to continue to use them.
By HIMSS TV 08:38 am December 27, 2019
There are a handful of recent academic projects employing algorithms, says Vuno Medical Director Hyunho Park, who describes how similar technologies are making the jump into care.
By HIMSS TV 03:56 pm December 26, 2019
For those hoping to upend healthcare with novel technologies, "resilience is better than brilliance," claims Qura co-founder and CEO Doug Adams.
By HIMSS TV 12:31 pm December 26, 2019
Communicating the benefits of technology early in the process helped prepare the workforce for change and cultivate an open-minded culture, says Katie Trott, CNIO at Royal Free London NHS FT.
By HIMSS TV 09:34 am December 26, 2019
Honorary clinical tutor Ijeoma Azodo discusses the Shuri Network, which addresses the need for diversity in providing the breadth of care currently lacking.
By HIMSS TV 02:47 pm December 23, 2019
Malinda Peeples, VP of clinical services, programs and research at WellDoc, muses on how technology adoption is revamping health education and support.
By HIMSS TV 11:57 am December 23, 2019
Brian Selfridge, partner at Meditology Services, says true healthcare IT security is evolving into a broader conversation that needs to be had at all levels of an organization.
By HIMSS TV 08:42 am December 23, 2019
Author Emily Peters shares how her book "Procedure: Women Remaking Medicine" is involved in the conversations about space and creating a better healthcare system.
By HIMSS TV 03:58 pm December 20, 2019
Dr. Saif Abed, director of cybersecurity advisory services at AbedGraham, gives a clinician's perspective on cybersecurity – and describes how data priorities in the U.K. and Europe differ from the U.S.