By HIMSS TV 09:26 am March 06, 2019
An AI-powered app for monitoring children at home following complex heart surgery prevented tragedy for a patient, recounts Neil Jordan, Worldwide Health Leader and Connector.
By HIMSS TV 02:21 pm March 05, 2019
Vik Nagjee with Sirius Computer Solutions and the Cleveland Clinic shares why providers are finally deploying and scaling cloud computing.
By HIMSS TV 09:12 am March 05, 2019
ServiceNow's Paul McRae shares how cloud-based tools can help providers build and deploy improved workflows and processes.
By HIMSS TV 05:35 pm March 04, 2019
University of Colorado Assistant Professor Mustafa Ozkaynak argues that getting insights about a patient's environment and lifestyle is just as critical as understanding genomic data.
By HIMSS TV 01:05 pm March 04, 2019
ResMed is partnering with Providence St. Joseph to give clinicians insights into helping patients be more compliant, says ResMed's VP of SaaS Strategy Annie McBride.
By HIMSS TV 09:17 am March 04, 2019
Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer at Jefferson Health, says he looks for creative and curious people who like to solve problems and want to know that what they’ve done is actually working.
By HIMSS TV 04:50 pm March 01, 2019
While artificial intelligence won’t replace the empathy doctors can provide to patients, smart machines can reduce the time clinicians spend on computers, says Dr. Anthony Chang, medical director at CHOC Children’s.
By HIMSS TV 01:47 pm March 01, 2019
James Weese, system vice president at Aurora Healthcare, says that even though machine learning has great potential, most of the trials he's seen have not been successful.
By HIMSS TV 11:22 am March 01, 2019
Tammy Kwiatkoski, director of clinical informatics for the HIMSS Office of the CTIO, explains why advancements in healthcare technology, while necessary, can’t take away the way of the human element.
By HIMSS TV 05:02 pm February 28, 2019
There are promising opportunities for transformation, especially in Asia and Middle East, says Hee Hwang, CIO of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

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