Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media
By HIMSS TV 10:01 am November 19, 2018
Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media, says that to get executive buy-in for cybersecurity funding, you must focus on business value, such as lowering costs, improving productivity, and increasing revenue.
Christiana Care Health System CSIO Anahi Santiago
By HIMSS TV 02:56 pm November 14, 2018
Christiana Care Health System CSIO Anahi Santiago says hospitals have to invest in security tools to stay ahead of cyberthreats. But she adds that it's just as important to focus on people and process as it is on technology.
Sentara Health VP and CISO Dan Bowden.
By HIMSS TV 12:31 pm November 13, 2018
Sentara Health VP and CISO Dan Bowden explains how the hospital is preparing for consumerism and value-based care by building apps and tools in the cloud.
Dzulkefly Ahmad, Malaysia's minister of health
By HIMSS TV 05:08 pm November 09, 2018
Dzulkefly Ahmad, Malaysia's minister of health, says that even if an organization has a good program and system set up, digitizing healthcare will not succeed if there is no clinical buy-in underpinned by training.
John Daniels, VP of HIMSS Analytics
By HIMSS TV 05:05 pm November 09, 2018
John Daniels, VP of HIMSS Analytics, says there is more to digitizing an organization than installing EMR functions, and discusses other adoption and maturity models including AI, continuity of care and infrastructure.
Jane Miller
By HIMSS TV 05:38 pm November 07, 2018
Jane Miller, COO of Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, says her organization, which reached the elite stage 7 EMRAM, treated EMR implementation as a clinical transformation project, not an IT project.
Cameron Ballantine
By HIMSS TV 05:30 pm November 07, 2018
Cameron Ballantine, Chief Information Officer at Metro South Health, talks about the roadblocks and rewards of his organization's journey toward becoming Australia's first digitized health service.
Sam Hanna
By HIMSS TV 05:25 pm November 07, 2018
Sam Hanna, Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies and Program Director in Healthcare Management at American University, talks about the skills needed to use data and technology to create targeted therapies.
Margarita Gonzalez and Shane Owens
By HIMSS TV 09:38 am November 05, 2018
Margarita Gonzalez and Shane Owens, both with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, explain the need to reframe the security conversation from humans being the weakest link to supporting them with tools designed with users in mind.
Robin Frady.
By HIMSS TV 09:36 am November 05, 2018
Robin Frady, executive director, B&CI Information Services at Grady Health System, talks about her organization’s success with using AI and data to target at-risk patients with post-discharge EMS outreach. 

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