By  08:55 am December 28, 2020
Because managing security tools across multiple platforms is challenging, there's an urgency to unify security processes and controls across all environments, says Virtustream Chief Trust and Security Officer Pritesh Parekh.
By  HIMSS TV 06:00 am December 23, 2020
You start to see real benefits when you have that embodiment of technology fully embedded in the workflow, says Dr. Afzal Chaudhry, chief medical information officer at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
By  05:00 pm December 22, 2020
Social determinants of health analytics services provide data that EHRs don't capture, benefiting not only patients, but also payers, researchers and providers, claims Change Healthcare SVP of Data Solutions Tim Suther.
By  HIMSS TV 07:50 am December 22, 2020
Smart homes are addressing the social determinants of health, says Technology Association of Oregon President and CEO Skip Newberry.
By  03:47 pm December 21, 2020
The pandemic has created unforeseen virtual care use cases that Verizon's connected solutions make possible, says Lea Sims, marketing practice lead for healthcare insurance and life sciences.
By  HIMSS TV 09:24 am December 21, 2020
Mobile-first platform Healthvana is working with labs, providers and public health organizations to deliver test results with security, efficiency and empathy, says CEO Ramin Bastani.
By  HIMSS TV 08:30 am December 18, 2020
This week's top stories include hackers using the SolarWinds platform to target the NIH and other federal agencies, the CDC giving $227 million for COVID-19 vaccine preparedness and tracking, and a new low VO2 Max feature coming to Apple Watch.
By  HIMSS TV 08:54 am December 17, 2020
HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf says the global consortium for eHealth interoperability and the digital health indicators are just two success stories that have been introduced this year by HIMSS with the aim of improving healthcare.
By  05:00 pm December 16, 2020
Chris Stouff, chief security officer at Armor Cloud Security, says ransomware is the last step before threat actors get paid, so Armor's approach to stopping attacks from succeeding is to "secure left."
By  HIMSS TV 08:17 am December 16, 2020
Activist and "This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism" author Ashton Applewhite discusses some of the complex realities of aging, ageism, ableism and health – and describes how technology should be designed for seniors.