By HIMSS TV 09:01 am May 06, 2019
Because telehealth tools enable faster access to care and help emergency clinicians make decisions at the bedside to reduce unnecessary admissions and length of stay, costs are being reduced, says Anton Arbatov, senior director SOC Telemed.
By HIMSS TV 02:46 pm May 03, 2019
There are opportunities for women in the digital space and there is real value of having a diverse workforce, particularly in healthcare, says Grant Thornton Principal Stacy Tselekis.
By HIMSS TV 11:06 am May 03, 2019
Digital health enthusiast and NOSTALAB President John Nosta weighs in on the evolution of health innovation and where we're going and what it will take to get there.
By HIMSS TV 06:24 am May 03, 2019
Ian Z. Chuang, chief medical officer at Elsevier, says in a traditional model, research to bedside takes an average of 17 years. With machine learning and other new technologies, there needs to be a shorter timeline.
By HIMSS TV 01:32 pm May 02, 2019
Akamai's Patrick Sullivan and Tony Lauro say healthcare is a fertile target for cybersecurity attacks, making zero trust networks appealing as a simplified solution to protect data.
By HIMSS TV 09:44 am May 02, 2019
Dr. Chris DeRienzo, chief quality officer at Mission Health, discusses the intersection of AI, tech and humanity in healthcare and how machine learning tools are bringing about fundamental improvement in population health.
By HIMSS TV 05:04 pm May 01, 2019
Lee Kim, HIMSS director of privacy and security, is excited about more hospitals raising their baseline security posture.
By HIMSS TV 09:16 am May 01, 2019
E-VAL Saúde Director Luis Gustavo Kiatake says Brazil is facing many of the problems common in other countries, notably interoperability, privacy and infrastructure, and its large population is making solutions more complex.
By HIMSS TV 01:11 pm April 30, 2019
Leavitt Partners Principal Ryan Howells discusses why it is necessary for patients to have complete access to their health information.
By Microsoft Corporation 07:31 am April 30, 2019
Neil Jordan, Worldwide Health Leader and Connector at Microsoft, says there is great potential for AI in healthcare but be aware of such issues as ethics and regulations.