By  HIMSS TV 07:40 am October 14, 2019
Erin Trimble of 23andMe touches on the value of polygenic risk scores, how to use genetic information to improve health and the importance of equipping primary care providers to talk with their patients about genetics.
By  HIMSS TV 03:23 pm October 11, 2019
Julian M. Goldman, medical director of biomedical engineering at Partners HealthCare System, addresses the connection between cybersecurity and interoperability.
By  HIMSS TV 03:21 pm October 11, 2019
Michael Wilkening, special advisor on innovation and digital services to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, discusses the state’s new analytics initiatives to improve population health.
By  HIMSS TV 11:04 pm October 10, 2019
DayTwo's metagenomics and gut microbiome database helps connect diabetics and others with evidence-based "food-as-medicine" treatment regimens, explains Josh Stevens, the company's president.
By  HIMSS TV 02:16 pm October 10, 2019
Mark Kramer, chief engineer for MITRE's Health Technology Center, says patients need to have control of their data that is currently shared provider to provider to promote their own health.
By  HIMSS TV 07:43 am October 10, 2019
Because digital health is inherently different from other kinds of innovation like drug trials, the rules need to be rewritten, says Sunita Patolia, team lead for human-centered design at Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs.
By  HIMSS TV 10:26 am October 09, 2019
Rachel Blank, co-founder of Rory, explains how the digital health clinic is helping to remove the stigma around discussion of women's health and is connecting women to online health services.
By  HIMSS TV 07:51 am October 09, 2019
Day two of our livestream from AsiaPac19 in Bangkok, Thailand, includes interviews with healthcare IT industry luminaries, thought leaders and innovators.
By  HIMSS TV 04:45 pm October 08, 2019
While applications of existing technology are safer short-run bets, big success may come from whole new platforms and technologies, says Jon Gordon, founder and managing director of D51 Ventures.
By  HIMSS TV 12:37 pm October 08, 2019
Victoria Betton, founder and managing director of mHabitat, discusses the challenges of implementing tech across healthcare.