By  HIMSS TV 05:41 pm June 24, 2019
The Kotona At Home remote delivery care treatment center is a model of the future of digital healthcare.
By  HIMSS TV 04:25 pm June 24, 2019
Duke University Health System Chief Analytics Officer Stephen Blackwelder discusses what’s the next frontier of analytics.
By  HIMSS TV 02:04 pm June 24, 2019
Tom Foley, MD, senior clinical lead at NHS Digital, says the challenge for all countries is to make the data assets actionable, but trust is needed with any data sharing strategy.
By  HIMSS TV 08:31 am June 24, 2019
Rob Wellen, regional vice president at KenSci, says one of the most common data analytics questions from providers is how to operationalize machine learning and artificial intelligence.
By  HIMSS TV 10:52 am June 21, 2019
Skolkovo includes startups with a mission to improve healthcare around the world, says Konstantin Parshin, vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation.
By  HIMSS TV 07:20 am June 21, 2019
Stefanie Veraghtert says she started the Big C. – for “cancer, coffee and care” – to connect a community that offers leadership and skill training, while transforming the patient journey.
By  HIMSS TV 03:32 pm June 20, 2019
Finland is using health data to make the lives of its population easier, says the country’s Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Päivi Sillanaukee, MD, PhD.
By  HIMSS TV 03:10 pm June 20, 2019
CEO Raja Sharif says FarmaTrust is using blockchain to ensure greater data integrity in areas such as AI, analytics and regulatory reporting, which can increase public confidence in the use of data.
By  HIMSS TV 11:26 am June 20, 2019
Providence St. Joseph Health’s chief medical analytics officer is both a physician and a data scientist so understands clinical context as well as data structure, says CCO Amy Compton-Phillips.
By  HIMSS TV 03:30 pm June 19, 2019
Advocate Aurora Health Chief Health Information Officer Tina Esposito explains how her organization is using predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients.