By HIMSS TV 01:24 pm December 09, 2019
Charles Parker, principal of Escentium Consulting, describes the value of various remote monitoring technologies.
By HIMSS TV 07:03 am December 09, 2019
James Hury, deputy director and chief innovation officer at the Translational Research Institute for Space Health, says space health is helping bring cutting-edge technologies to Mars and back down to Earth.
By HIMSS TV 04:09 pm December 06, 2019
Maintaining the health of humans leaving Earth pushes our current capabilities, says Dr. Dan Lowenstein, executive vice chancellor and provost at UCSF. 
By HIMSS TV 11:27 am December 06, 2019
University of Pittsburgh Professor Lora Burke discusses her research into healthy behaviors and why encouraging health skills is becoming increasingly difficult.
By HIMSS TV 06:04 am December 06, 2019
In our first episode of "When It Works," intracranial hematoma patient Danielle Collins and George Washington University Hospital's Dr. Walter Jean share how virtual reality helped Collins comprehend her condition.
By HIMSS TV 03:45 pm December 05, 2019
Patrick Wayte, SVP of the AHA's Center for Health Technology and Innovation, shares how his organization is bringing clinicians, behaviorists and technologists into a single conversation.
By HIMSS TV 11:57 am December 05, 2019
Clinical evidence will be vital in closing the wide gap between tech's vision and the clinical world's practical needs, says Duke School of Medicine Professor Dr. Eric Peterson.
By HIMSS TV 07:08 am December 05, 2019
Heather Provino, managing partner of The Scanlon Group, describes the roots of population health's digitization and what has been happening in the sector the last few years.
By HIMSS TV 01:58 pm December 04, 2019
Kathleen Warner, chief of emerging strategies and ventures at the AHA, says the organization is helping healthcare startups build credibility.
By HIMSS TV 11:21 am December 04, 2019
HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf says it's vital that we prepare our workforce for cultural change and learn to fail fast in our global digital transformation projects.

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