Fran Ayalasomayajula talks to himss tv
By  HIMSS TV 03:36 pm October 18, 2018
Scaling to work with larger healthcare entities for startups requires partnerships and Fran Ayalasomayajula, healthcare executive strategist at HP, has some pro tips on how to make it work.
Jennifer Esposito talks to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 03:32 pm October 18, 2018
Jennifer Esposito, general manager of Health and Life Sciences at Intel, explains how AI benefits workflows with its direct impact to be a seamless integration for physicians and the patient experience.
Christian Dameff speaking to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 03:17 pm October 17, 2018
Despite the healthcare sector’s awareness of medical device flaws, many are still focused on whether a patient has been harmed. But to UC San Diego researcher, emergency medicine provider Christian Dameff, it’s more about retaining patient trust and ensure the technology doesn’t fail.
Manal Almalki talks to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 04:23 pm October 12, 2018
Manal Almalki, PhD, of Jazan University in Saudi Arabia, is empowering patients to monitor their health at home so they can gain insights into their own body using wearables; the tool is also aggregating data during the patient-run experiments.
Bettina Experton talking to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 02:52 pm October 10, 2018
Bettina Experton, MD, and CEO of Humetrix, talks about the history of CMS’s Blue Button project and how 53 million Americans covered by Medicare will now have access to their data through an API to ensure patient safety and interoperability.
Gyre Renwick talking to himss tv at health 2.0 conference
By  HIMSS TV 03:06 pm October 04, 2018
Gyre Renwick, vice president at Lyft, is leading the company’s healthcare team to develop partnerships and find solutions to address the major social determinant of health that impact people’s lives – getting to the doctor before an emergency.
Kamal Obbad talking to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 02:13 pm October 04, 2018
Kamal Obbad, Co-founder and CEO of Nebula Genomics, is working to help consumers understand consent and the risks to consider before giving someone access to their data based on a blockchain model.  Nebula Genomics was the winner of the 2018 Health 2.0 Launch! contest.
Thomas Mason speaking with HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 04:57 pm September 27, 2018
Advancing open APIs so consumers can better coordinate their healthcare is a key piece of the 21st Century Cures Act implementation for Thomas Mason, MD, chief medical officer for the National Coordinator for HIT at HHS.
Kyra Bobinet talks to himss tv
By  HIMSS TV 04:10 pm September 27, 2018
Kyra Bobinet, MD, founder the neuroscience-based design firm EngagedIN, is working with AI algorithms in Walmart’s Fresh Tri app to build a brain taxonomy to identify behavior to help individuals understand what motivation changes their food habits.
Iomed Medical Solution CEO Javier de Oca talks to HIMSS TV
By  HIMSS TV 03:40 pm September 26, 2018
Iomed Medical Solution CEO Javier de Oca is in the business of generating data specific databases for health systems and believes the time is now to see that data translate into better patient outcomes and sustainable systems for providers.